Six Words That Will Impress at Any Party


Nothing impresses people like an excellent vocabulary, and here at The Mooch we like to help you impress. That’s why we gathered some of the most impressive words you can use at the next social event you attend.

What follows is a list of words and sentences that demonstrate their proper usage. No, I didn’t write down the definitions for you, but you do have to do something for yourself. Education shouldn’t be spoon fed to you. You have to earn it. Anyway, most people with half a brain can figure out what the words mean just by reading the sentences.

Let the education begin.


I was so thrilled to find out that there was an organic farmer’s market just three parameters from my home.


My litmus became infected last year, and I had to have it removed. It was a dreadful experience.


I love jazz. In fact, Ornate Coleman is one of my favorite musicians.


Do you know what I really admire about Bill Gates? He’s one of the most generous Philistines of our time.


I prefer to use a felafel in the shower. It’s great for exfoliation.


I dislike election season. I feel that politics only diversify the people.