Halloween is this month, and I just got through watching all of Twin Peaks, so I decided to make a scary video. I bet you had no idea that my life was so terrifying.

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Vlogging is Fun

I decided to try my hand at vlogging today, because I had a really funny story to tell you about something that happened to me this morning. Let’s just say that I’m better at conveying stories in written form. I decided to post the resulting vlog anyway. The first thing you might notice is that it sounds like I live in a jungle.

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Self-Portraits, An Exercise in Crazy

The only thing I love doing more than making silly videos is taking self-portraits. This week I decided to combine the two to make a wacky video. Thanks to my brilliant husband for making the scary sound effects. Everything is better with sound effects. The funniest part is when I say, “Thanks for watching,” at the end of all this madness.

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Humpty Dumpty Pump Bump

Many people don’t seem to realize that, besides writing this extremely witty and interesting blog, I write songs. That’s right, I’m a lyricist and composer. I’ve been working on this song for about six months now. Something still isn’t quite working, but it is nearly perfect. Once I’ve cleaned it up a bit, I’ll shop it around to the big pop stars. They are all vying for the chance to record my songs.

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Stop Making Videos?

Someone I live with who I will not name put on his meany bikini when he woke up this morning and suddenly had opinions to share about my videos. Despite all that, I have a new video for you today. Enjoy!

Pioneer Day

Sunday was Pioneer Day. It usually goes completely unnoticed by me, but I decided to post something in honor of it today. It’s a little late, but late is better than never.

Doves and Serpents put up a post about the hymn Come, Come Ye Saints. The authors of the blog posted their favorite versions of the hymn. That’s how I discovered this version by David Johansen and Brian Koonin of the New York Dolls. Apparently the bassist from the New York Dolls, Arthur “Killer” Kane, joined the LDS church in 1989. Someone made a documentary called New York Doll about him reuniting with the band. I haven’t seen it, but it looks fascinating. Arthur Kane died of cancer on July 13, 2004 and his band mates did a version of this song as a tribute to him. Anyway, I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!

Expert Village?

Many of you are probably familiar with the Expert Village videos you can watch online to learn how to do things. They have videos on everything from how to wash windows to how to start dreadlocks. The clips are usually about a minute long and sometimes give you useful information and sometimes they just don’t.

Demand Studios owns Expert Village and I used to work for them many years ago writing articles. Demand Studios is a content mill that in my opinion is partially responsible for ruining the World Wide Web by posting tons of useless articles that clog up internet searches. I really don’t like the company at all and am so glad I don’t have to work for them any more. It’s my personal theory that they are owned by the same person that owns Monsanto, THE DEVIL.

Since I’m talking about my personal theories and THE DEVIL, I might as well let you in on another theory. I believe that THE DEVIL is actually two people on this Earth today. Those people are Dick Cheney and Kenny G. I think they are working together to ruin the world with bad music and bad badness. If Dick Cheney is your father or you’re listening to Kenny G as you read this, I would just like to say that I’m very very sorry.

When I was working for Demand Studios I looked into making videos for them, but didn’t have the appropriate equipment to make the quality videos they needed at the time. I know that they pay between $200 and $600 for videos.

Anyway, I’m sharing this information with you because my husband found these Expert Village videos today made by someone who is obviously not taking this whole making videos for Expert Village thing seriously. Either that, or he really has no idea what he’s talking about. I love how in this first video he suggests doing a human beat box while playing the piano.

Or how about this gem about 5/4 time…

There’s Something in My Eye

Not too long ago I mentioned that I was planning on making videos. Since then I’ve been agonizing over what to do exactly for those videos.

When I woke up this morning I had something in my eye and that was all the inspiration I needed. The resulting video was supposed to be funny, but ended up being a little scary.