Life as a Blogger

I’ve been trying to upload this video to stinking You Tube all day. By the fourth time I was getting so angry I could’ve smashed something, but for some reason I decided to read the little error box that came up when my video failed to load. The other three times I quickly closed the box without reading it. Let’s just say that the failure to load business that I’d been dealing with all day was my fault not You Tube’s. Too bad, because I liked it being You Tube’s fault so much better.

Here’s the video, and yes I really do bash my computer like that when I’m annoyed. It’s shocking it still works.

Can’t see this video. No worries. Click here.

International World State Pushup Champion

I don’t like to brag. That’s why I didn’t tell you that I won the title of International World State Pushup Champion earlier, but now that I’ve done a worldwide interview I guess the cat’s out of the bag. Hope you enjoy the video.

Can’t see this video? Click here.

Stop Making Videos?

Someone I live with who I will not name put on his meany bikini when he woke up this morning and suddenly had opinions to share about my videos. Despite all that, I have a new video for you today. Enjoy!

Cotton Candy Canyon

Remember when I said I’d start making videos again eventually? Well, eventually is finally here. I never said the videos would make any sense. I just promised videos.

It looks like I have a mustache in this, but I swear I don’t. It was just the lighting. If I did have a mustache though it would definitely be an ironic mustache. I think I’ll throw the word “mustache” in this tiny paragraph again just for good measure.

Anyway, watch the video and ignore the mustache.

You’ve Probably Seen This Already…

…but I thought it was so funny that I just had to post it. Don’t worry this is not becoming a dog-themed blog–unless of course you would prefer a dog-themed blog–I just happen to be thinking about dogs these days. It’s much like my prior obsession with foxes.