Relaxing is so Difficult


Sometimes you just need to sit back and relax. I hear that having a relaxing hobby is good to help relieve stress. Doing something like crocheting, playing the piano, or painting watercolors puts your mind as ease. I don’t know why, but when I think of relaxation and paint, watercolors always come to mind. Latex paint definitely isn’t relaxing.

Now that I see the list of relaxing hobbies I just made I realize that in reality none of them are particularly relaxing. I tried painting with watercolors once–not relaxing. All the colors just run together in the most infuriating manner. It’s like trying to wrestle with a tiger–a really wet sloppy tiger.

I’ve tried crocheting too and using a hook to make a series of organized knots with yarn is just too hard for my brain to comprehend. I am, however, quite good at making one giant, frustrating knot in a length of yarn. I don’t even need a hook to pull that off.

Then there is playing the piano. When I was a little girl I took piano lessons and let’s just say that didn’t work out, unless you call drinking a bottle of perfume so you won’t have to go to your piano lesson a success. I think I was afraid of the piano teacher who was kind and gave me cinnamon toast but had a frighteningly large nose with an unsightly mole on it that made her seem like a witch to me. The black dresses she always wore didn’t help the situation. Ever since then I’ve associated piano lessons with the possibility of being shoved into an oven and eaten.

What do you do to relax? I don’t bother with the whole relaxation thing. It’s just too stressful.