Believe in the Power of the Green Thumb

A few months ago I decided that whatever I believe must be true. When you think about it that makes perfect sense … or not.

You see, I used to always tell people that I had a brown thumb. Okay, I literally do have a brown thumb and brown fingers too, but in this case I was just referring to my ability to care for plants. At one time plants that I cared for always died, but not anymore.

I changed that a few months ago when I decided to think of myself as having a green thumb, not literally of course. I’m not the Incredible Hulk, but wouldn’t it be cool if I were? Since I’ve changed my mind, I’ve been successfully caring for plants. I’ve had one out of nine plants in my care die. That’s pretty good odds, especially considering that the dead plant wasn’t my fault.

The dying lychee tree in my front yard is making me doubt the power of my mind though. Maybe my thumb isn’t so green after all. Maybe it’s more of a yellowish color. Maybe unicorns don’t exist, and there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I guess I should just stop believing in trolls too. I don’t mind giving up the trolls because the thought of one living under my bed keeps me up at night.

Can You Eat That?

SONY DSCWe haven’t gotten around to getting a lawnmower yet and the backyard is starting to look a bit like the Amazon Rainforest– if all the plants in the rainforest were no more than five inches tall of course.

I’m sure the Amazon rainforest has a lot of edible things growing in it. I’m sure there are a ton of plants that will kill you in a few seconds growing there too. The secret is knowing what will kill you from what will taste great with a little salt and pepper.

Sometimes I sit on the back step and wonder the same thing about the plants growing in the yard. The fluffy leafy little plants that grow around the roots of the jacaranda tree look edible to me. The other day I picked a tiny bit of leaf and popped in my mouth.

“What are you doing?” my husband exclaimed, “That could kill you.”

“Maybe,” I said, “Maybe not.” Normally I’m the overly cautious one. I guess I was having an off day.

It didn’t kill me, but it also didn’t taste very good. I don’t think I’ll be doing that again, not until I know what I’m eating at least.

Meet Graham

Since my grandmother died, I’ve taken over the care of her house plants. In the past, I would’ve told you that any plant left to my care would be destined to die a slow painful death. I’ve taken on a better attitude though and have decided that these plants will thrive.

You never want to admit that you have favorites, but plants have such distinct personalities that it’s hard not to favor one over the other. My favorite is Graham a Christmas cactus with attitude.

Meet Graham, my molecule exchange partner. Graham is a lovely shade of dark green. He used to have pale pink flowers that dropped off as soon as I started caring for him so now he’s just mostly green. Graham thrives in indirect sunlight and needs to be watered just the right amount. I can’t quite figure out what the right amount is, but it’s somewhere between a bucket loads daily and no water at all. That’s been my watering method so far and Graham doesn’t seem too happy about it.

Graham breathes out oxygen which improves the air quality in my room. In exchange, I occasionally exhale in his direction.

I hope Graham decides to stay with us for a while. I guess he has too since I’ve never heard of Christmas cacti sprouting feet and walking away. You never know though.