The Nebulous Mooch Black Friday Sale

All this talk about Black Friday has made me realize that people really like sales. I don’t blame them. Who doesn’t want to get something for cheap? Well … besides me.

I avoid sales like the plague because I associate them with crowds of people standing  near me while I’m trying to shop. How can you decide whether the white tank top or the cream tank top is better suited for your complexion when some annoying person is standing a foot from you clanking hangers around on the clearance rack and doing all that gosh darn breathing? Why does everyone have to breathe so much? I just don’t understand it.

I avoid sales in the shops, but recently I realized that I can happily buy sale items online, and the only breathing I have to hear while doing it is coming from Chompyface. Even though his breathing was an issue for me at first, I’ve gotten used to it now.

The other day, I realized that have the power to have a Black Friday sale myself. So starting today my novels, The Box and Flying Lessons, are on sale across all platforms for a $0.99. That’s right! So get them while the getting is good. The sale will end on Monday at midnight.

Flying Lessons


Henry and his daughter, Chandra, are stuck. Haunted by the past, they sleepwalk through life until unexpected relationships shake up their perceptions of reality. Henry’s new friendship with a neighbor blurs the boundaries between the living and the dead, and Chandra starts to see possibilities she’s never noticed before.

What people are saying …

[Flying Lessons] is very well written, the story line moves along seamlessly and culminates beautifully. The characters are well developed and it is easy to identify with them. The author shows great talent and I look forward to reading her other books. The book was truly unputdownable for me and I read it in one sitting … Joana James from Book Wormz

It’s always nice to step away from a book type and experience something different. I have found that amazing difference in Flying Lessons … Melissa Ringsted from There for You

Get it today for $0.99

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The Box

TheBox_SmllWhat’s in the box? Indy would sure like to know.

When Tom offers Indy two thousand dollars to transport a mysterious box across the country, she reluctantly agrees to do it. She doesn’t really need the money, but could use some adventure in her life. Accompanied by her ex-boyfriend, Koji, and flower child friend, Eve, Indy embarks on a journey that is bound to be anything but ordinary.

Not too long after their trip gets underway, they come to the realization that the box holds a force beyond their control. Will they make it to their destination? Will they lose their sanity or maybe even their lives in the process?

Get it for $0.99.

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Happy Thanksgiving folks:)

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