The Best Royal Baby Names

kateandwillApparently the next Royal is on its way into the world as I write this blog post, and we’re suppose to care. I know this only because the toolbar at the top of my browser keeps showing things like Royal Baby and Kate Middleton as trending searches. It’s nice to have a toolbar that tells me what to care about otherwise I might be in danger of not caring about anything at all.

With the trend in unusual celebrity baby names in full swing, I wonder if William and Kate will follow suit. Naming your child after ordinary household objects is all well and good. No one can resist names like Chandelier, Stereo System, or Sugar Basin, but the best names are completely made up. When coming up with a name nothing beats throwing a few syllables together. Here are a few names we’ve come up with:

Brunta (only if it’s a girl)

If they prefer short one syllable names that are direct and to the point, I think they should go with Shab or Frunk.

These are only suggestions, but since everyone knows that the Queen reads this blog they could very well end up being used. I, of course, would like some sort of recognition if they are. Is is possible for a woman to be knighted? Would I get to wear a suit of armor? Could I bring it home with me? I could wear it as protection from the wasps while tending to the plants out front. Just a thought, and we all love thoughts, don’t we?

Photo by tsaiproject