Powerball Fever

Apparently there is something about the Powerball jackpot being the biggest of all time or some such thing. I only know because people who don’t normally buy lottery tickets are buying tickets for this, including my father. When I asked why he bought a ticket, he said, “It’s 300 million dollars. I need 300 million dollars.” I just looked it up and I think it’s actually 550 million dollars, but what’s a few hundred million among friends, right?

I think it’s funny that people would rush to buy a Powerball ticket because the jackpot is 550 million, like they couldn’t use the 3 million it is normally. Oh the winner only gets 3 million, that’s not worth the trip to the convenience store to buy a ticket. You can tell I never play the lottery because I don’t know what the prize is normally.

Anyway … I hope my sister wins because she is convinced that she will win the lottery one day. Living in Florida apparently raises your odds of winning a bit.