The Seven Best Things About Being Married

Today is our seven year wedding anniversary and of course I have no good pictures to show you as evidence that we actually did get hitched. That’s the nature of being less than sentimental and completely unorganized. Anyway, I found this poor quality one on my hard drive. We were so young back then.


In honor of our seven year anniversary I thought I’d write a list post because we all love a good list. So here are the seven best things about being married.

7. When a giant spider makes its way into the house I don’t have to deal with it. Even if my husband isn’t home I just trap the spider under a plaster container and let it wait for him to release it into the wild. We don’t kill spiders. We set them free.

6. I never have to do dishes … well except when I have to do dishes, but that’s not very often.

5. I have a chauffeur. I hate to drive.

4. If anything ever needs fixing around the house I can count on someone to attempt to do it … badly.

3. I always have a date for the party. Now I just have to start going to parties.

2. There’s always someone on my side except when my side doesn’t agree with his side.

1. I never run out of material for this blog because my husband is always doing something that is worthy of mocking.