I Won Again

I just can’t believe how much of a winner I’ve become recently. I’d buy a lottery ticket if I knew how to and if the lottery didn’t terrify me. There are so many unanswered questions about the lottery. How do you pick the numbers? How much is a ticket? Okay, those are only two questions, but I wonder about them every time I enter the grocery store.

I can’t help staring at the customer service desk where you can buy the lottery tickets. There’s always a very particular type of person in that line: the woman in her fifties with leathery tanning booth skin and frosty pink lipstick, the man with a swollen beer belly in a t-shirt that is slightly too tight.

Sometimes I’ll wander over towards the lottery ticket line, but the smell of stale cigarette smoke and the sideways glances I get always scare me away. People might think I’m trying to overhear their lucky numbers because I have no luck numbers of my own. They don’t realize that I don’t need lucky numbers because I’m just plain old lucky. Maybe I should start telling people to call me that. Hi, I’m Lucky Bettison.

I haven’t won the lottery yet, but I did win a redesign for the cover of my novel The Box. I took the old cover out of the sidebar last week. It was blue and boring, and I was never happy with it. Jaha Knight from BCAHQs did a bang-up job at designing a new book cover for me.


I’m fixing some editing issues with the book and recording it for a podcast. Once that stuff is done it will be up for sale again. I know you can’t wait to hear me read you a story. It will be like the old days when you were a small child, and I sat by your bedside reading The Little Engine That Could as you drifted off to sleep, except this book has nothing to do with trains and we all know that you were never a small child.

Note: I’m sharing this post at the I Don’t Like Mondays link party even though I don’t really have anything against Mondays. Wednesdays are a completely different story though.

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Powerball Fever

Apparently there is something about the Powerball jackpot being the biggest of all time or some such thing. I only know because people who don’t normally buy lottery tickets are buying tickets for this, including my father. When I asked why he bought a ticket, he said, “It’s 300 million dollars. I need 300 million dollars.” I just looked it up and I think it’s actually 550 million dollars, but what’s a few hundred million among friends, right?

I think it’s funny that people would rush to buy a Powerball ticket because the jackpot is 550 million, like they couldn’t use the 3 million it is normally. Oh the winner only gets 3 million, that’s not worth the trip to the convenience store to buy a ticket. You can tell I never play the lottery because I don’t know what the prize is normally.

Anyway … I hope my sister wins because she is convinced that she will win the lottery one day. Living in Florida apparently raises your odds of winning a bit.