I Thought It Was Crabgrass

I’m an awesome gardener. My yard is full of beautiful plants and I have a vegetable garden that provides the family with piles of fresh produce. That’s what I’d like to be able to say, at least.

In reality, I’m a gardening failure. Part of the problem is that I don’t really know what types of plants should be in a garden. I’d been pulling up this annoying grass that’s been turning up in our yard. I call it runner grass because when you don’t know the name for something you should just make one up. Anyway, that runner grass has been a real annoyance in my book. It’s everywhere. The dog likes to eat it, but I swear that’s the only thing it’s good for.

One day I complained about it to my husband and he said, “You mean the St. Augustine’s grass. People spend a lot of money to have that stuff thriving in their yards.”

“No, I mean the runner grass. I think it’s crabgrass.” I had him follow me into the yard so I could show him. “See,” I said yanking a patch of grass out of the ground.

“That’s St. Augustine’s. You should stop pulling it up,” he said.

“But I thought it was a weed, like crabgrass.”

“That’s crabgrass.” He pointed to another patch of grass at his feet.

“Really? I quite like that grass.”

He laughed. “You won’t in the winter when it starts going brown.”

I don’t know what he has against brown grass. I think it could add depth to an otherwise green lawn. I can’t wait to get my yard redone with native plants. Then I won’t have to think about any kind of grass at all.

Don’t ask me about when I’m getting my yard done. I don’t have any concrete plans yet, just access to gardening websites and a dream.