Cheap Gas

gasThere was a time when gas prices were very important to me. I mean very, very important.  I used to obsess over them. So much so that I went so far as putting a widget in one of my posts that shows the price of crude oil in real time. I used to drive out of my way to get cheap gas, but now I couldn’t even guess how much gas costs. That’s what happens when you don’t drive.

I mention this because I heard that my town is known for its low gas prices. I don’t know how true that is, but it is an interesting fact. Okay, I admit maybe I’m reaching a bit. Maybe it’s not that interesting. Maybe it’s just interesting to me because I still have a passing interest in the price of gas. Since I will start driving one day, it comforts me to know that I won’t have to drive too far to get cheap gas.

What’s That Smell?

The other day, I was sitting in the living room writing as usual while my husband cleaned up the kitchen after lunch. My husband and stepson were talking about dictators or something. I kept noticing a strange smell while I tried to write yet another ehow article about how to give a massage. But I didn’t pay attention to it because I was busy.

Finally the smell got so strong that I couldn’t stand it any longer. “Do you smell that?” I asked them as I went into the kitchen to investigate.

“Smell what?” my husband asked.

I looked around and notice that the knob to one of the burners was turned on. My stepson had been leaning against the stove and had accidental turned the knob. Our flat was filling with gas! We promptly turned it off and opened all the windows.

Can you believe it?! We could’ve died! What if the phone rang? I saw a movie once where the phone rang causing a tiny spark that caused a whole building to explode. That can’t really happen, can it?

The Price of Gas

I like reading gas prices out loud. This may seem unusual to you, but it’s one of my hobbies. I like to read the prices out loud and comment on how they compare to the average price. I like to point out the difference in prices from block to block. I like to talk about today’s prices compared to yesterday’s and last week’s. I know which sections of town have the highest prices and which have the lowest.

While I say I’m interested in gas prices, my husband says I’m obsessed. He came to this conclusion after he saw me become breathless when we passed a station with unusually cheap gas. I wasn’t actually breathless, I was choking on my own saliva. That choking wasn’t caused by gas prices but by a swallowing mishap. He doesn’t want to believe that. That’s his choice.

If my interest in gas prices is an obsession, it isn’t my fault. You see, I come from a gas-priced-obsessed family. My mother will drive for miles to save a few pennies on gas. The gas she used to get to that cheap gas station doesn’t matter. My parents can have a lively debate on where to get the cheapest gas. No matter how much you paid for gas, we’ve bought it cheaper someplace else.

When I see a person filling up at a station with prices two, three or sometimes even ten cents more expensive than the station up the road, I feel pity for them. I feel pity for anyone who pays more than they have to for gas.

So when I cut in front of you to turn abruptly into a gas station, don’t be angry. Follow me. Top off your already nearly full tank. Squeeze every drop that you can into it and smile, knowing you just bought the cheapest gas in town.