Email Obsession

I’m obsessed with checking my email. I get up in the morning and check my email. Then 5 minutes later, I check my email again. It will continue like that throughout the day. I must check it more than 100 times.

What the heck am I expecting to find in my inbox? ¬†Maybe I’m looking for an email offering me an incredible financial opportunity…wait, I get that email almost everyday. That mustn’t be it. Maybe I’m looking for help getting my website to the top of the search engines. No, I get that email about three times a day.

Just because I spend so much time poking around my inbox doesn’t mean that I do anything productive while I’m there. I haven’t made any effort of organize it. On average I have about 205 emails in my box at a time. Some have been read, but most haven’t. Deleting, reading and answering emails isn’t what I want to do. I just want to see what’s there.

While writing this post I checked my email about 5 times. I even checked my email in new tabs so I have three tabs open with my email on them. Imagine how much I would be checking my email if I joined the rest of society and actually bought a smart phone. I feel like I should join Emails Anonymous. 

Hi, I’m Lovelyn and I’m an obsessive email checker.

I don’t really need anything like that. I can stop any time.


Have the Best…

I have a million email addresses. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. I really have eleven email addresses. That may seem a bit excessive to you, but when you work online it becomes necessary. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Recently, my Yahoo email account was hacked. I know because I mother called me the other day and said, “I got this email from you that said ‘Have the best sex of your life.’ When I clicked on the link in the email it took me to this website. I don’t understand what the joke was.” Of course she thought it was a joke because most of my emails are, but does she really think I’d send an email about having the best sex of your life to her–MY MOTHER. That was no joke. That was the serious business of email hacking. If you’re reading this and you’ve recently started getting emails from me about Viagra and sex parties, I’m sorry. Don’t open the emails and don’t click on the links contained therein.

I’ve spent all morning trying to take care of this situation. Hopefully, I have. I’ll just have to wait and see.

Email Scam

I got this amusing email today. I’ve recently gotten lots of scam email like this. The best part about it is the grammar.

Hello Dear,

Please i have to let you knowing this that your have reciverd your parcel, and do not let me knowing about that since last year.

At this very point now, do to i have not heard from you to knowing the sitution of things now, for your information track your parcel and you will sean what am talking about please.

However if you knowing that you are not the one please do get back to me as matter of urgent to day.please track and sean with this information Below

I didn’t include the link and phone number. I don’t think I’ll reply.