Walking the Cat

So you all know about my latest obsession with dogs which is much different than my obsession with foxes because I could actually get a pet dog one day. I guess I could get a pet fox too, but that’s not as easy as just popping by the pound and picking one up.

I keep trying to imagine my pet dog and what she might be like. I scroll through the SPCA website and pick out contenders. I think I’ll name my dog Lettuce. I’ve decided that’s a good doggy name. I’m also going to get a cat and name him Bacon. Every time I tell my husband that I plan on teaching Bacon to walk on a leash he looks at me like I’m crazy.

“You take dogs for walks, why can’t you take a cat?” I say.

“You just don’t,” he says.

My husband obviously has no vision. He has no idea that I’m going to start a world wide cat and dog walking trend. I imagine myself walking Bacon and Lettuce together on a leashes through my new sidewalk filled neighborhood. It will be great. We’ll get so much exercise and I’ll be totally in control. People will point and say look at that lady walking a cat and a dog on leashes. I’ll wave and smile with pride.

Everyone will think, “Gee that lady has a good idea.” Before you know it in every country in the land people will start waking their cats and dogs together. Inspired by the new found harmony between cat and dog all people will stop fighting and peace will spread across the Earth. All of this walking will cure the obesity epidemic and people will be healthier.

The world will be a much better place just because I taught my cat to walk on a leash with a dog. Once they get the walking down I’m going to teach my dog to drive a car and my cat to read a map.

Now I just need to get the cat and dog.

The Animal Ambassadors

I used to always say that nature would be great if it wasn’t for all the animals. Being charged by a hungry squirrel in a park or surrounded by a gaggle of angry geese when I’m trying to go for a peaceful stroll is not my idea of a good time. The idea of being attacked by a ferocious hedgehog on a camping trip still sends chills down my spine.

Even though I’ve had some traumatic experiences with animals over the years there have been some animal ambassadors in my life that let me know that animals really aren’t that bad.

105:365 Logan at the BBQ

This is Logan the ambassador to crazy dogs everywhere. The idea of having a dog never crossed my mind until I spent a week dog sitting for my sister. This dog is fun, fun, fun. Even though he would bark like a maniac in the back yard and never came when called, he grew on me. The great thing about a dog is that they are always so happy to see you. The bad thing about a dog is picking up steaming turds when you walk them.

Logan stayed by my side watching horror movies (that was a bad idea) with me when I came down with the flu. He’s a great little friend.

And then there’s this one:


Cats seem like they should have a posh English accents and say things like, “It’s time for my Fancy Feast, chop chop,” and “You can pet me now, servant.”

This cat, Dexter, is a mellow guy. Even though he’s a bit demanding and is incredible picky about his food, he’s growing on me. We like to chill out on the sofa together. The great thing about owning a cat is that they are independent and even though they’re totally in it for themselves they are good company. The bad thing is that I suspect that they’re not very fateful. This guy is gone a lot and I can picture him working two homes to get all the Fancy Feast with gravy that he possibly can.

I gave him a cat massage once and now he thinks that massages are required everyday after meal time. He’ll eat, or won’t eat depending one whether or not there’s gravy, and then perch him self on the arm of the chair next to me and meow until I start giving him his massage. If I stop he protests. When the massage is finished he goes outside to sleep until next meal time.

Now of course, I’ve been saying to my husband, “What do you thing about getting a cat?” My husband’s Dog Whisperer obsession makes him really want a dog though. Maybe we could get one of each.