No Video Today…

Sorry guys, but there is no video today. My husband is very enthusiastic about packing and most of our home is in boxes. He has arranged most of them in the bedroom because he’s trying to figure out how to pack them into the storage unit. So really I guess I’m the only one with the organizational skills of a tadpole in this house. Don’t worry I won’t show you the toad video ago.

I have something even better than a toad video this time. Here are some great tips about how to slow grind the next time you’re in a dance club. Nothing nasty here. These time are for respectful slow grinding.

The Baking Soda Miracle

Did you know that there is a miracle product residing in your kitchen cupboard? I kind of knew, but was only truly convinced of the baking soda miracle this week when I used it to clean my oven.

When I was in college I took a Spanish class taught by a very interesting teacher. Though I managed not to learn a word Spanish in the class, I did learn about the many uses for baking soda. The teacher spent an entire lesson droning on and on about the uses of baking soda once. The baking soda class and the class he spent explaining how to shrink a human head were the two most memorable classes. At the end of the head shrinking class, he warned us against trying to shrink heads ourselves by saying, “But in some countries there are laws.” Fortunately, there are no laws about the use of baking soda. Here’s a list of things you can do with baking soda.

Note: Baking soda is different from baking powder but the same as bicarbonate soda.

Clean Your Oven: Make a paste with baking soda and water. Put the paste on the dirty bits in your over and let it set over night. In the morning use a wet sponge to wipe it away. If your oven is crazy dirty you’ll have to put some elbow grease into it.

Deodorant: On one of my trips to Florida I forgot to pack deodorant. I put some baking soda under my arms in the morning to keep me smelling fresh when I went to the store to get deodorant. The baking soda worked so well that I never bought deodorant again. Now I feel like deodorant is a scam.

Freshen Your Carpet: Sprinkle some baking soda on you stinky carpet, let it sit for 20 minutes, and then vacuum it up.

Brighten Up Your Wash: Add a cup of baking soda to your laundry to brighten up you wash.

Cool Science Projects: Make a spectacular eruption for your model volcano by mixing baking soda and water.

Are you convinced yet?

Photo by [F]oxymoron


Tip of the Day

I love kimchi. Most people who know me know that. I always have a big jar of it in the back of the fridge. I used to buy kimchi already made, but now I only make my own. It tastes better when I make it myself. I love eating kimchi fried rice, kimchi soup and kimchi pancakes. Sometimes I make my kimchi with Chinese cabbage and sometimes I make it with bok choy.

Last week when it came time for me to make a new batch of kimchi, I pulled the bok choy I’d bought earlier in the week out of the fridge and to my surprise found that I only had two heads of it. Usually I use three. I started making the batch and thought it was going to be too small. I was looking in the fridge to see if I had any Chinese cabbage to add to it when I found a bag of spinach. Spinach is green and leafy just like bok choy, I though. I convinced myself that padding my kimchi out with it could be just fine. Even as I added the spinach to the kimchi I had my doubts, but I soldiered on.

About a week later a terrible smell started coming from the fridge. It was the kimchi. I know you’re probably thinking that kimchi always stinks, but this was not the normal kimchi smell. When I opened the kimchi jar the smell jumped out and kicked me in the face. It was horrible. I tasted it and it tasted even more horrible then it smelled. I reluctantly gave it to my husband to eat and he did! He did say that it smelled and tasted funny though.

I took the kimchi out to try to make kimchi pancakes with it for lunch today and I just couldn’t. It smelled so terrible that I had to throw the whole batch away along with the jar it was in.

So my tip for the day is never use spinach to make kimchi.

Tip of the Day

Don’t stick your finger in a pot of boiling water…

Most people should know this, but seeing as I just did it myself I thought I might pass this useful tip along. I’ve learned from experience. You don’t have to do the same. Just take my word for it.

Tip of the Day

If you have files on your computer that you might need in the future, but you’re not quite sure where to store them don’t keep them in your computer’s recycle bin. My husband emptied my recycle bin for me not to long ago. He thought he was doing me a favor, but I actually needed some of those files. Oh, well. You live and learn, apparently.

Tip of the Day

Last night we had ratatouille for dinner. It was good, but there was a small amount left over. I was trying to figure out what to do with the leftovers to feed both of us for lunch today when I came across a wonderful suggestion online. Ratatouille omelets!!! It may not seem very good to you, but you have to trust me on this one.

Just make an omelet like you normally would. Then put goat cheese in it. Follow that up with some ratatouille. Now fold that bad boy in half and slide it out of the pan.

This is the best leftover recipe I’ve ever had. Even if you weren’t planning on eating ratatouille any time soon I suggest you make it just so you can have this omelet the next day. Heck, you could even skip eating the plain ratatouille and just jump right to the omelet part. Click here for the ratatouille recipe I use.