The Forty-Third Wonder of the World

Last night at about 12:30, I thought I heard a strange noise coming from the bathroom. As usual, instead of getting up to investigate I said to my husband, “Do you hear that?” Of course, he didn’t. “Seriously, do you hear that?” I asked again, but he was completely uninterested so I knew I’d have to go investigate it for myself.

The noise was coming from the bathroom. It sounded like someone had left the sink running. When I opened the bathroom door there was a pool of water on the floor and the toilet tank was overflowing. “Help,” I yelled and my husband came rushing in to see our toilet which had suddenly transformed itself into Victoria Falls. After briefly considering how much I might be able to charge people to see the wonder that our toilet had become, we sprang into action.

When we removed the lid from the tank we saw that the pipe that fills up the tank had water gushing out of it at an incredible speed. I flushed the toilet to empty the tank and within a few seconds it was full again. I just sat there flushing the toilet again and again and asking my husband what we should do. Unlike normal toilets, our toilet has no shut off valve.

My husband stuck his finger in the pipe which of course sprayed water all over us. If that had indeed stopped the water, I wonder if he would’ve sat there all night with his finger in the pipe.

The only way to turn off the water to our flat is by uncovering a hole on the sidewalk and reaching your arm all the way down the hole to turn off the valve with a screwdriver. Eventually, my husband did that, but the problem with doing that is that it shuts off the water for the whole building. That means the people who live upstairs don’t have any water either. Not so good, huh?

Our plumbing problems were fixed this morning. Not only did the plumber fix the toilet, but he put a valve in the pipe that leads to the toilet so we can turn off the water if we need to. But, this experience left me wondering something. Why do toilets run for so long when the tanks can be filled within a few seconds? Wouldn’t be nicer if the tank filled more quickly? I think I’m on to something here. Maybe I should get into the toilet making business.


We went to Stonehenge yesterday. We were so very pleased when we discovered that the parking was free. We thought maybe seeing Stonehenge would be free too. Unfortunately, we were wrong.

After making our way across a busy road we found the whole area surrounded by a large fence with no way to get in. This is strange we thought. Than we realized you have to pay to get in. To avoid having tourists darting out in front of cars they’ve built a tunnel under the road. Those aliens were really forward thinking.

Since we paid nearly 7 pounds each to get in we were determined to stay in there as long as possible. We listened to our audio tour devices. We learned all about lintels and sarsens and longed for the good old days when you could rent a hammer to break a piece off one of the stones to keep as a souvenir.

Some of us slept on the grass under a hat in a fruitless attempt to avoid sunburn.


Some of us walked around trying to look gangsta.


And some of us swore we could see alien faces carved into the stones.


Overall I say it was pretty good. The stones where like giant teeth in the gums of the earth or at least that’s how they described them on the audio tour. I think I’ll give Stonehenge two thumbs up.

Show Time at the Apollo

My husband had a gig at the Apollo Theater this weekend. I’ve never been to the Apollo before so I was excited to go. Unforatunately it wasn’t this Apollo…


The Apollo Theater he was playing at was this one…


At this Apollo Theater the audience looked kind of like this…


My husband was playing there with a band called Meta4. I used to think corny band names were reserved for bands that choose to use sax in their names, like Opposite Sax and Sax Appeal, but Meta4 proved me wrong. I get proven wrong so often.

Crazy Busy

I’ve been crazy busy for the past couple of days, and I wanted to show you what I’ve been up to.

Item #1

I’ve finally decided to publish my second novel online and promote it too. (My first novel wasn’t so good and I probably shouldn’t even admit it exists.) You may have noticed the book store page on this blog where you can buy a PDF copy of my second novel. It’s also available on in all e-reader formats.  I put up an author website, and, with my husband’s help, I made this snazzy book trailer.

I don’t know what I’m going to do about a paperback version yet, but once I figure that out I’ll let you know.

Item #2

As many of you know, I’m in the Young Women’s Presidency in my ward. The EFY program will be going on for the youth this summer and they need to do some fund raising to pay for it. Anyway, the Young Women wrote and recorded a song and are selling it as an MP3 download to raise money for EFY. I’ve been busy creating a website for that. You can see that here.

Item #3

I’ve also been creating some new information products and updating old ones. I won’t link to them because I haven’t quite finished yet.

Item #4

My husband managed to let his domain name expire without even knowing it. I had to re-purchase it for him and throw up a fast site. He still hasn’t put any music on it even though I showed him how. I also showed him how to keep his gig calender up-to-date, but I’ll probably have to do that too. I’m complaining or anything.

Item #5

I’ve almost finished the first draft of my third novel. It’s exciting stuff. If you like musicians, ghosts, senior citizens and generally strangeness, this could be the book for you. That’s all I’m going to say about that.


No wonder I’ve been so tired.