Hi. I’m Lovelyn Bettison. When I’m not lazing about on Ikea loveseats trying to look sexy I’m writing this blog.

I’m a writer. Nebulous Mooch is a look at the humorous side of my personal life. I’ve written all of my life. As a little girl I wrote stories about taking trees and magical forests. As an adult my stories still have a magical element, but they are about people, not trees.

In my novels, I explore the stories of people struggling with their true natures. I take a close look at human potential and how we sell each other short at times. I like to examine the idea that anything is possible, because in ways I really think that’s true.

A story doesn’t need to whack you over the head with its message. People’s journeys toward change are often subtle. My stories are subtle too. They explore the beauty and strength of humanity close up. The surreal elements of the stories help enhance the characters’ journeys. You can find out more about my novels on the Book Store page or scattered about in the sidebar on your right.

Wow, I can actually be serious when I need to be. Who knew?

I have many sides one quite serious and thoughtful and the other is just a goof. The serious thoughtful me writes novels and the goofball writes this blog. Hopefully, you’ll get to know and like both sides.

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