Instagram is Hard

So I finally broke down and joined Instagram. The social pressure (that I totally created in my head) was just too much and I couldn’t take it anymore. So I signed up … twice, because I decided to change my username.

There are a lot of self-portraits or what the young people call selfies on Instagram. That made me think that maybe I should try taking a few selfies too.

Why is it that everyone else in the world seems to look great in a picture taken on their cell phone? I don’t know how they do it. When I take a selfie I look like an eighty-four-year-old woman with a facial deformity. Do I really have that many chins?

I’ve tried different angles and they just don’t seem to work. If I were technically advanced enough to transfer pictures from my cell phone to my computer I’d share some examples of bad photos here. Too bad I’m not willing to take the time to figure that out … not even for comedy.

A cell phone camera held at arm’s length just seems to magnify every wrinkle, line, freckle, and blackhead on my face. It’s insane. Maybe I’ve reached the cutoff age for taking selfies. Maybe the mirrors in my house lie and this is what I really look like. Maybe I should never turn a camera on myself again.

Instagram is hard. I should stick to pictures of sunsets and my dog. Dogs always look good in pictures.

If you’re on Instagram follow me. I may or may not continue posting pictures. Don’t you just love my commitment.