I Thought It Was Crabgrass

I’m an awesome gardener. My yard is full of beautiful plants and I have a vegetable garden that provides the family with piles of fresh produce. That’s what I’d like to be able to say, at least.

In reality, I’m a gardening failure. Part of the problem is that I don’t really know what types of plants should be in a garden. I’d been pulling up this annoying grass that’s been turning up in our yard. I call it runner grass because when you don’t know the name for something you should just make one up. Anyway, that runner grass has been a real annoyance in my book. It’s everywhere. The dog likes to eat it, but I swear that’s the only thing it’s good for.

One day I complained about it to my husband and he said, “You mean the St. Augustine’s grass. People spend a lot of money to have that stuff thriving in their yards.”

“No, I mean the runner grass. I think it’s crabgrass.” I had him follow me into the yard so I could show him. “See,” I said yanking a patch of grass out of the ground.

“That’s St. Augustine’s. You should stop pulling it up,” he said.

“But I thought it was a weed, like crabgrass.”

“That’s crabgrass.” He pointed to another patch of grass at his feet.

“Really? I quite like that grass.”

He laughed. “You won’t in the winter when it starts going brown.”

I don’t know what he has against brown grass. I think it could add depth to an otherwise green lawn. I can’t wait to get my yard redone with native plants. Then I won’t have to think about any kind of grass at all.

Don’t ask me about when I’m getting my yard done. I don’t have any concrete plans yet, just access to gardening websites and a dream.



  1. Lovelyn says

    I feel the same way about some of the weeds we have. I tend to let the Spanish Needles grow freely in certain spots because the bees like them so much.

  2. says

    I always remember what neighbor once told me, “It’s only a weed if you don’t want it in there.” I love the creeping charlie around here, so pretty purple with yellow, but people yank it out because it takes over. That part is true, I know, but it’s so pretty… now I have to go google what it is you have. Let you know if you should leave it, or not.

  3. Lovelyn says

    @Cara Lyn – You crack me up. Not liking bending over is my excuse for hating cleaning the bathroom.

    @Alexandra – Sometimes the weeds are so pretty and they require no maintenance. I’ve been an expert at looking up plants on Google.

  4. says

    LOL, I love this. In my old house I had what I called my “Garden of Good Intentions and Poor Execution”. I finally accepted that I can not grow flowers because I suck, but veggies? I got that shit on lock. I can grow a million veggies. It’s all about finding your niche of plants that fit how much you want to garden. (For me, that meant low maintenance ones!)

  5. Lovelyn says

    My niche is growing lemongrass. When we first moved in I planted a few lemongrass plants and how they’re thriving. I should start a Thai restaurant.