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I checked the local SPCA website yesterday only to discover that Spooky the cat wasn’t listed. Frantically, I scanned the recently adopted section and there he was. Spooky was adopted on February 9, 2013. I am so happy I can’t even begin to tell you. I was afraid that I would have to adopt him to make up for talking so much smack about him.

I don’t know how he managed it. He must’ve tricked his new owner by dressing up as a Great Dane and hanging out in the dog section. Great Danes are popular at the SPCA. When one turns up they only last a day before they get adopted.

Good for Spooky. I’m glad he managed to find someone with a bigger heart than me. Now I can check out some of the other cats the next time I visit the shelter instead of spending all of my time trying to befriend Spooky.