My Thoughts on the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is serious business in this house.

The Super Bowl is serious business in this house.

The Super Bowl is finally over. That means that instead of watching football games on television my husband will be regularly checking to keep up to date with all the football gossip. Have you seen the stuff they put on during the off season? I swear it’s like The View for men.

I strongly dislike the idea of watching any sport on TV, except of course power breaking which is universally loved. There’s nothing like the drama of watching a martial arts nerd try to break a stack of concrete slabs that is almost as tall as he is with his elbow. Everything else is just meh comparatively. I think it’s because there are way too many rules to learn in most sports, and I’m a rebel. I don’t play by the rules because I never take the time to learn them. It’s February and I’m wearing my Christmas socks. That’s how much of a rebel I am. That’s a big reindeer up yours to rules … about Christmas socks.

Even though I have strong feelings of disdain for watching sports, I did go to a Super Bowl party once. At the time I was trying to break out of my shell and do things a bit differently. I’m not a party person, but I decided that I needed to start becoming one. So I showed up ready to paaaaaaartyyyyyy like it was 1999 and there was no real party to be had. Since when is sitting around on a sofa watching football and eating pizza a party? There was no DJ, no dancing, no one laying in a pool of vomit on the bathroom floor, and everyone kept talking about football.

Now I spend the Super Bowl at home where I can enjoy a nice cup of tea and watch documentaries about power breaking in the next room while every one else “enjoys” the football game.


  1. says

    My MIL is crazy about televised sports. I can’t think of anything more passive. My children have inherited my attitude and position–why watch stuff when you can be doing stuff? I let the inLaws watch while my children and I participate in something live.

    I’m with you, Lovelyn.

  2. Lovelyn says

    Yeah, it’s much better to start your own fight club then watch a boxing match. There’s nothing like the taste of blood in your mouth.

    Seriously though … I agree with you 100%. Thanks for commenting.