My Pretty Schedule


Me: I haven’t made my schedule for next week yet.

My husband: You’re doing that again?

Me: Yeah. It really helped with my productivity.

My husband: It helped you complain about how you weren’t following your schedule all week.

Me: No, it didn’t.

My husband: Yes, it did. That’s all you talked about. “I’m supposed to be writing from 10 to 12, but I don’t feel like writing so instead I’m checking emails, but this is writing time.” Why not make a list of tasks instead?

Me: … but schedules work for me.

My husband: Schedules don’t work for you. You never follow them. A list of tasks works too and it doesn’t take as long for you to make.

Me: … but schedules are better because I put them on Google Calender, and I can color code tasks, and it’s pretty. I like schedules. You don’t have to like them. I like pretty. You don’t. You’re a man. Now I’m going to go spend an hour of my time making a color coded schedule that I’ll only loosely follow instead of trying to correct the code on my massage site that is making some of the pages shift to the left. Thank you very much for offering your opinion.