2012 – A Year in Review

2012 was an eventful year for the Mooch. Good things happened. Sad things happened … but mostly there was a whole lot of funny. Here’s a look back.

January: Bates exercises are supposed to fix your vision, but if you don’t bother learning how to do them properly they don’t work. Just not wearing your glasses doesn’t count and really annoys your family.

February: They make movies in Borehamwood, so all the stars have been there. That’s why I thought the Travel Lodge on Studio Way in Borehamwood might be a pretty good hotel. I was wrong.

March: Even if your husband is a bass player, he still cares about what his hair looks like.

April: They say that it’s perfectly safe to walk through a field of cows. Don’t believe them. Those cow will stare at you with a thirst for blood in their big brown cow eyes.

May: Cars break down and when your husband can’t fix the problem there’s an 18-year-old young woman at Halfords who can.

June: The British really know how to put on a jamming Diamond Jubilee.

July: Sometimes you can know a little too much about the people you kind of know. Thanks Facebook.

August: Everyone should go to the scrapyard to get rid of their car once in their life. There’s nothing like seeing a giant crane hurl your car through the air. We still miss Frank the Car.

September: We all get gray hair eventually. If you pluck all of yours out you could end up bald. You’ll just have to learn to embrace the gray hairs on your head. Even if you dye the heck out of them, you’ll still know they’re gray underneath.

October: Sometimes you learn from your mistakes. Sometimes you don’t. Just ask my mother.

November: Olives are delicious, but not when they taste like caramel.

December: The Mayans had no idea what they were talking about when they told everyone the world would end. That’s the last time I’m listening to them.

Happy New Year!! I’ll see you again soon.