My Writing Process in 10 Easy Steps

novelI’m sure you already know that I’ve written two novels. I’m actually working on a third one right now. I know a lot of people who think they want to write a novel, but find it difficult to get started. Here at the Mooch I like to help you out, so I’m going to give you a window into my writing process.

In order to complete a novel, you must be dedicated and focused. Don’t let my incredible work ethic intimidate you though. One of the major secrets to writing a novel is just getting on with it. Here are my ten step to writing a quality novel.

1. Check your email, Facebook account, and Twitter account.

2. Find some good music to listen to. The music must be perfect and that requires scrolling through your entire music library.

3. Make a cup of tea. Nothing helps you get work done better than a cup of tea.

4. Decide the tea made you too hot and get a glass of water. It’s important that you fill yourself up with plenty of liquids because nothing helps you focus more than a full bladder.

5. Check real estate sites for new houses for sale in your area and fantasize about how much more work you’ll be able to get done when you finally buy a house.

6. Check the SPCA site for pets available for adoption and decide which ones you’ll adopt once you get your new house.

7. Scan real estate sites again and feel really frustrated.

8. Open your word processing program.

9. Check the You Tube channels you subscribe to and watch all of the new videos. Now watch additional funny videos like this one.

10. Open the file you’re working on and write a few paragraphs before starting again from step one.

Photo by mpclemens