Meet Graham

Since my grandmother died, I’ve taken over the care of her house plants. In the past, I would’ve told you that any plant left to my care would be destined to die a slow painful death. I’ve taken on a better attitude though and have decided that these plants will thrive.

You never want to admit that you have favorites, but plants have such distinct personalities that it’s hard not to favor one over the other. My favorite is Graham a Christmas cactus with attitude.

Meet Graham, my molecule exchange partner. Graham is a lovely shade of dark green. He used to have pale pink flowers that dropped off as soon as I started caring for him so now he’s just mostly green. Graham thrives in indirect sunlight and needs to be watered just the right amount. I can’t quite figure out what the right amount is, but it’s somewhere between a bucket loads daily and no water at all. That’s been my watering method so far and Graham doesn’t seem too happy about it.

Graham breathes out oxygen which improves the air quality in my room. In exchange, I occasionally exhale in his direction.

I hope Graham decides to stay with us for a while. I guess he has too since I’ve never heard of Christmas cacti sprouting feet and walking away. You never know though.