Thanks Facebook

Facebook is great for getting in touch with old friends and generally communicating with people. I love going on, reading people’s updates, and nosily looking through all of their photos. It’s such a divine time-waster. Sure there are other things I should be doing, but someone just posted pictures of their baby and people are discussing the pros and cons of cooking with in cast iron. I just can’t pull myself away.

Facebook isn’t all wonderful though. Before Facebook I could be casual friends with someone and remain completely ingnorant about their insane and even offensive beliefs. I could have a conversation with Jack and have no idea that he hates Muslims. I could be casual friends with Jill and not realize that she thinks all people on welfare should be shot. Back then I could happily live my life in blissful ignorance, but Facebook has completely done away with that. Now I know things I just don’t want to know about people.

People feel completely comfortable posting their irrational ideas on Facebook. Good for them. If you want to be irrational and hateful Facebook is a good a place as any to let everyone know about it. I’m am shocked and appalled by some of the things people I know write on their walls. I am amazed by some of the things people believe. The world just isn’t the place I thought it was.

I guess in the end it’s really not that bad. It’s good to have a clearer idea of who you’re dealing with. So thanks Facebook for bringing the crazies out in the open.

Photo by FindYourSearch


  1. says

    I don’t use facebook and every time I see things like this, I am more and more sure that I should never use it. I had to use k-ster’s computer for a few weeks until I got my new laptop and facebook is his homepage. I looked at it a lot and realized that it’s just awful. People post things that are just such a waste of time to read. I do not feel at all like I have been left out, not using it!!

  2. Erik Blumenthal says

    @sparkling. Agree. I am trying to make efficient use of my online time by not always dedicate it to Facebook. It has some good points but I am now starting to see the bad points of these type of sites.