The Girls at Halfords

The thing about cars is that every now and again something goes wrong and they need to be fixed. I wish it wasn’t so, but unfortunately it is. The battery died in our car last week. It happened when my husband was on his way to a gig. Usually he turns the car off when he’s stuck in London traffic. This time at a particularly busy intersection the car didn’t start up again. No worries. He was able to push it into a parking space and get to his gig. He got a jump from someone so he could get home after.

Needless to say, we needed to get a new battery. That’s kind of a drag because we’re only keeping this car for another two months and we don’t want to spend any money on it. But Frank (that’s the car) can be quite demanding. He keeps insisting that he won’t start without a new battery so off to Halfords we went to purchase one. Since the bolt that held the battery in was very rusty my husband decided to have the people at Halfords put the battery in for him.

While all of this was going on I went to the shops next door. When I came out I saw my husband standing in the parking lot with two 18-year-old girls. “When I asked them to put in the battery I didn’t realize the girls at the register would be doing it,” he whispered to me when I came outside. “I feel really guilty now.”

We stood around forever watching them struggle with the rusted bolt. Finally they went inside and get some guy who works in the audio department to help them get the bolt off. “I could’ve done this faster myself,” my husband whispered to me. With the bolt finally off, the tattooed guy from audio left and the girls quickly put in our new battery. When they were done with us, they moved on to replacing the headlight in the SUV parked next to us while the owner and his son stood by watching sheepishly.

It was great seeing this role reversal in the Halfords parking lot. It made me think that I should learn a bit more about fixing cars. Then I remembered that I’m not really that interested in learning to fix cars. I already have too many things to do. I’ll leave the car maintenance to the adolescent girls at Halfords.