Spidery Spider

Just the other day I decided to make a warm relaxing cup of chamomile tea, but when I reached for a mug I found something not so relaxing….

Now I have a few questions: Why do spiders always seem to live in my house? Why do spiders have to look so scary? Why did that spider decide that my favorite cup (nevermind the chip, just because a cup is chipped doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve love. I’m not perfect and I certainly don’t expect my tea cups to be) was a nice place to have a rest?

My husband let the spider out and I washed the cup and all was fine. The tea was relaxing or as relaxing as chamomile tea can be and life continued on.

That spider probably went home, sat down at his computer and typed out a blog entry on his blog spideryspider.com. I’m thinking it probably went something like this.

Hey…You’ll never believe the crazy messed up stuff that happened to me today. I was minding my own business, taking a nap in a teacup, when this insane human started screaming and taking pictures of me. What’s up with that? How am I supposed to get my z’s on with all that noise and that flash going off. Than another human dump me outside in the rain. It was cold out there, homes. I’m not even playing. So I have some questions for you. Why are humans always screaming? Why do they think they can just keep putting us out on the street in the cold? Why can’t they properly punctuate their sentences?