Walking with Cows

The other day we decided to be brave and walk through the field of cows that is at the beginning of one of the public footpaths we wanted to explore. We quickly traversed the path that led to the field. The cows where there. They were happily eating grass, laying down, standing around, and doing whatever else cows do. They looked safe, so we decided to go for it. As we stepped into the field, they all lifted their giant cows heads and looked at us with menacing expressions. My husband decided that this wasn’t the day to walk with the cows so we turned around and left.

I kept looking behind us to make sure none of them were following us down the path. They weren’t, but I’m sure they were thinking about it. To make matters worse, when we got to the end of the path we found that someone had tied up their pit bull there while they popped into the store. Cows at one end and a pit pull at the other what is a pit bull and cow phobic person such as myself to do?

When we finally got home, I decided that the best way to deal with this problem was with education. So I did some research about how to deal with cows on public footpaths. I thought I would read some nice reassuring articles, but instead I found things like this and this.

Then I found this helpful video about how to walk through a field of cows safely.

You know what? I don’t feel any safer after watching that. I’ve actually decided that I’ll wait until the cows have been moved to another field before exploring that walk.