A Bad Hair Day

The other night when my husband came home from his gig he was a tiny bit upset with me. Before going on stage he went to the bathroom and when he saw himself in the mirror he was shocked because his hair was a slight bit askew. “How could you let me leave the house like that?” he asked. “You knew I was going to be on stage in front of people.”

I couldn’t help but laugh when he told me. You see, honestly, just before he left the house I noticed that his hair was looking something like this…

…but he was running late. I meant to tell him, but in the mad rush of helping him carry his equipment to the car I forgot. Yes, I could’ve called him on his cell, but I didn’t. He plays the bass. Whose going to look at him during the performance…other bass players? Other bass players aren’t going to notice his hair. Heck, they probably all have the exact same hairdo.

So he was introduced to lots of people with his crazy hairdo. He hung out. He ate some food. Then he noticed it and I think he ended up wearing a wool hat during the performance. Every time I think about it I start laughing. Even now while writing this post, I’m laughing.


  1. Pippa says

    I must compliment you on your artistic rendition of him. You have captured the eye colour, though if I was him I would complain about the unequal sizes.
    p.s You mean ‘askew’…sorry to correct you..it’s a disease.