You Make Me Feel So Young…

People often ask me about the secret to my youthful appearance. Good genes definitely contribute to my agelessness, but if you weren’t fortunate enough to be born a Hunter there is still hope for you. Here are my secrets to looking and feeling young:

Sit on the sofa for extended periods of time with a laptop in your lap. The heat generated by the laptop penatrates your muscles keeping them lose and supple.

Go for long walks. Walking is great exercise and one of the best ways to go some place when you don’t have a car or a driver’s license or a bike or a bus pass or enough money to pay for a taxi.

Run as fast as you can. When is the last time you ran as fast as you could? Go out and try it and see how it feels. You don’t have to be pursured by fercious dog or a crazy criminal to run as fast as you can–I’m sure it helps, but it’s not necessary.

Practice making youthful faces in the mirror. What can I say? Practice really does make perfect.

Marry a Bettison. Those Bettisons never grow up. If you don’t have any Bettison blood in your veins consider marrying a Bettison. You’ll be young by association.


  1. Jenny Bettison says

    Have to agree with marring a Bettison Pete still hasn’t grown up and i’m a shining example of ageless beauty (pete’s words, not mine) However im also half crazy. this may also be a side effect of marrying a Bettison…
    not sure, can you confirm?

  2. Lovelyn says

    I’m half crazy too, but I’ve always been this way. I don’t think it’s a side effect of marrying a Bettison, I think it’s a requirement to marry one.