Tip of the Day

I love kimchi. Most people who know me know that. I always have a big jar of it in the back of the fridge. I used to buy kimchi already made, but now I only make my own. It tastes better when I make it myself. I love eating kimchi fried rice, kimchi soup and kimchi pancakes. Sometimes I make my kimchi with Chinese cabbage and sometimes I make it with bok choy.

Last week when it came time for me to make a new batch of kimchi, I pulled the bok choy I’d bought earlier in the week out of the fridge and to my surprise found that I only had two heads of it. Usually I use three. I started making the batch and thought it was going to be too small. I was looking in the fridge to see if I had any Chinese cabbage to add to it when I found a bag of spinach. Spinach is green and leafy just like bok choy, I though. I convinced myself that padding my kimchi out with it could be just fine. Even as I added the spinach to the kimchi I had my doubts, but I soldiered on.

About a week later a terrible smell started coming from the fridge. It was the kimchi. I know you’re probably thinking that kimchi always stinks, but this was not the normal kimchi smell. When I opened the kimchi jar the smell jumped out and kicked me in the face. It was horrible. I tasted it and it tasted even more horrible then it smelled. I reluctantly gave it to my husband to eat and he did! He did say that it smelled and tasted funny though.

I took the kimchi out to try to make kimchi pancakes with it for lunch today and I just couldn’t. It smelled so terrible that I had to throw the whole batch away along with the jar it was in.

So my tip for the day is never use spinach to make kimchi.