Crazy Like a Domesticated Fox


Have you heard of domesticated foxes? Apparently, some people raising silver foxes for fur in Russia decided to try to tame them so they would be easier to raise and kill. I think I heard about this on Radio Lab not too long ago. If you don’t know about Russian domesticated foxes you can find out more about them here.

As the foxes became tame they developed features similar to dogs. Some had floppy ears or white marking or even blue eyes. They are friendly animals with the independence of a cat and the loyalty of a dog. Doesn’t that sound like an ideal pet?

When I saw the pictures of the domesticated foxes online I immediately wanted one. I used to imagine my pet fox curling up next to me on the sofa. I’m not sure what you do with a fox exactly. Can you walk a fox? Do they use a litter box? Do they purr? Is a fox  more like a cat or a dog? Even without knowing the answers to these vital questions I wanted a domesticated Russian fox…until about a month ago when I realized something disturbing about foxes.

When we moved into this flat we started hearing some disturbing noises late at night that sounded kind of like someone torturing a dog. One night when the noise was particularly loud my husband said, “Maybe that’s what a fox sounds like.” Curious I looked up fox calls online and this is what I found. The noise is a fox.

If that upsetting noise is the sound my pet fox will be making, I don’t want one. My dreams of owning a pet fox are over. The pet monkey that I’ll never have can play with the pet fox that I’ll never have in my imagination. Pets are easier to take care of when they’re imaginary, don’t you think?

Photo by nicknbecka

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  1. Lovelyn says

    I own a menagerie of imaginary pets and I’ve never had to take any them for a walk or clean up a single turd.