Has Your Accent Changed?

My stepson grew up in Florida, but has managed to maintain an English accent his entire life–until now. Recently, something quite strange has occurred. Now that he lives in England and has very limited contact with Americans his accent is rapidly becoming more American.

He’s gone in the direction of the ultra patriot. Singing the national anthem and self-consciously pronouncing his r’s and changing double t’s in the middle of words to d’s.

He spent the summer in Florida with his mother. When we picked him up at the airport his American accent was full on.

“Why are you talking like that?” my husband asked.

“Like what?” my stepson replied.

“With that fake accent.”

“I’ve been back home so long that my accent just changed.” (He always refers to the States as back home.) He’d been “back home” for a whole 6 weeks.

My husband furrowed his brow. “Accents don’t change that much that quickly. ”

The American accent ebbs at times, but still remains–comically so. The other day my stepson was talking to one of our Florida friends on Skype and the friend said, “Why’s your accent sound even more American now that you don’t live here?”

Anyway, here’s a picture of my truly American stepson, who is proud to be an American because at least he knows he’s free.



  1. vered says

    Hehe funny. I have an accent – I suspect I will die with my accent. I arrived at the US too late (I was 28).