Cheap Gas

gasThere was a time when gas prices were very important to me. I mean very, very important.  I used to obsess over them. So much so that I went so far as putting a widget in one of my posts that shows the price of crude oil in real time. I used to drive out of my way to get cheap gas, but now I couldn’t even guess how much gas costs. That’s what happens when you don’t drive.

I mention this because I heard that my town is known for its low gas prices. I don’t know how true that is, but it is an interesting fact. Okay, I admit maybe I’m reaching a bit. Maybe it’s not that interesting. Maybe it’s just interesting to me because I still have a passing interest in the price of gas. Since I will start driving one day, it comforts me to know that I won’t have to drive too far to get cheap gas.


  1. says

    I was about to get excited and demand to move where you are, since I haven’t seen gas prices that low since college, but I notice the comma and bonjour and realized it must be price per liters!

    One of the grocery stores I shop at has a loyalty card that has an insanely good discount on gas. I think you can get up to 50 cents off a gallon depending on how much you spend on groceries and I spend plenty (family of 6-7 depending on who is home). The problem is, the only location that has a gas station is about 20 miles away from me.

  2. Lovelyn says

    I know it doesn’t really make much sense, but I would drive 20 miles out of the way to save 50 cents on gas. It’s like some kind of sickness.