Scary Tea

My husband is making music videos again. He emailed me this song about two weeks ago and happily told me that he wrote the lyrics himself. Then last week he set up the camera in the living room and started doing a bunch of strange movements. “This video is going to be great!” he kept saying.

Here is the great video¬† we’ve all been waiting for. Maybe he should send it to Celestial Seasons or Bigelow. It could be their next herbal tea commercial.

I’m not sure why he thinks showing his teeth the whole time is somehow menacing and frightening.

If you liked this song you might like his CD.

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6 thoughts on “Scary Tea

  1. Pamela Russell says:

    What’s in that tea??? I didn’t know camomile was a halucinagenic. Patrick was much scarrier than the teacup, for what’s it’s worth. This almost reminded me somewhat of Frank Zappa’s song “In the Dangerous Kitchen”.

  2. The rest of the band says:

    You can’t post Old Bocklin material without prior permission of the other band members! You also failed to seek their input when writing this number….have you gone solo?

  3. jay says:

    The similarities to David Carridine are uncanny but i can’t believe you wore a shirt !

    Maybe some ghosting of the hand movements and a finale with you lifting up the steaming cup using the inside of your forearms ?

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