English Lesson

The most surprising thing about living in England is that the English haven’t yet mastered the language that bears their name.

First of all, they don’t know how to spell. It’s not just a few cases either. I see misspellings everywhere. They’re even in the newspaper. The mistakes are small, like for some reason most everyone seems to think that when spelling words like labor and favor, they should add a random u that just doesn’t belong. They also tend to replace z with s in words like realize. I tried to point this mistake out to someone once, and that’s when I discovered that part of the problem is that no one ever taught them the proper names for the letters in the alphabet. I don’t know what this zed thing is, but it needs to be corrected.


  1. sarah says

    Your comment about ‘zed’ reminded me of this … Lovelyn, you have to ask someone to say the word the ‘zebra’ over there. Mike and I were once on that Safari ride at Busch Gardens and a huge English family was in the same car with us and they said zebra very differently than we do. I thought it was funny. Well I suppose you could just ask your husband to say it, duh?

  2. Lovelyn says

    I asked my husband to say zebra and you’re right. He does say it funny. When I laughed, he said that he used to say it in the American way, but now we live in England so he says it the English way.

    I told him that he’s married to an American and every time he says that to me I’m going to laugh my head off.

  3. adam says

    I love your blog, but you ain’t right. “Labour” instead of “labor” is just the difference between so called American English and British English. It’s the same with how they talk – I mean the same words sound different.

    In fact – english is NOT the native language of Americans… I think you should realize that. “American” english is simplified and easier. In most of european schools while learning english you’re given a lot of examples for that differences.

    God Bless You…